by ZEK

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Guitar- Jack
Drums- Alec
Vocals- Oli
Bass- Villi


released February 13, 2017

Recorded and Mixed by Dominic Stephens AKA Yaws
@ Gun Factory Studios Homerton, London in December 2016
Mastered by Ben Jones
Artwork by Wesley Brown

Cassette available soon



all rights reserved


ZEK London, UK

raging noisy cluster fuck

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Track Name: Creature of Habit
We are creatures of habit
Because we know no better
Know no better, know no better

We crave excitement,
But scared of change
What are we supposed to do
All we see, all we hear
The way we're raised

What do we do,
Living wasted
A wasted life
Life as a blur
And what does that leave you

Nothing but our habits
Creatures of habit
Track Name: Cruel Britannia
Your face on a five pound note
Didn't get my vote
Young men trained to kill
Kill themselves
Empire of lies, of being proper
Educated white man, what a fuckin joke

Cruel britiania

t's not a place of virtue
It's a place built on blood
And lies
And where's the pride in that

People have fought and died on all sides
They deserve respect
It's not just their fault but the puppet masters
The politicians, blood thirsty bastards
Track Name: Fragile Egosystem
Look me in the eye
I don't think you can
Ready to criticise
All you do, it's all you fucking do
Take take take
All you fuckin do

Nothin worse than people like you
People like you
All Talk, no fucking thought
Track Name: Twisted Violence
Paranoia in my head
Makes me wanna be dead
Look in the mirror, nothing to see
On the street, people dying
I'm not lying, we're just not fucking trying

All by my own
We all on our own

On the news, on the tv and what's being read
And in my head it's just the fear that's fed
Twisted violence
No future, there's nothing there
Sick world, nothing to share
But twisted violence
Track Name: God Drug
Nothing more than a coping mechanism
A voice to talk to
A shoulder to lean on

It gets hard and you get yapping
In your head
A disease, spread by man
Creating a divide
Control control control
Hate fear death

The man in your head isn't just dead
He never existed,
Didn't create a thing
Track Name: Fly on the Wall
I'm not trying be funny,
Not tryna be cool.
I just find it hard,
Find it hard to think.
Before I walk, before I talk.
Day by day, getting so hard
Hard to get by
But the days go by, they keep on going

I see you standing there,
You find it so hard,
So hard to let go
To have a good time.

And I just don't care
Don't care about what you think
Couldn't give a shit,
I know what's wrong,
Don't care what's right

Think you know best
Stop being a pest
Like a fly on a wall,
Watching it all
As it goes by
Before you know
You'll be old and gone

And I'm tired, I'm tired
Of people like you
Stick in mud
Track Name: Keyboard Warrior
I wanna be mad
I wanna be mad
Gotta see something bad
And when I do
You bet im gonna get fucking crazy

Can't believe I'm so good
Such a good person
Jesus Christ no shit on me
Gift from the PC god